Indonesian Special Forces Command | “Kopassus”

Komando Pasukan Khusus is an Indonesian Army’s special forces which operates under the Indonesian government, with primary missions as direct actions, unconventional warfare, sabotage, counter-terrorism and intelligence gathering. The Kopassus was created in 16th of April, 1952 and garrisoned in Cijantung. The group gained international spotlight after several operations, such as Indonesian Invasion of East Timor and hostage release of Garuda Indonesian Flight 206. The group also left its mark in the history of the country by spearheading some of the military campaigns: containing regional rebellions in 1950, confrontation with the Malaysia from 1962-1966, 1965’s massacre of the communists, 1975’s East Timor Invasion and campaigns against the separatists throughout the country.

While fighting against the Republic of South Moluccas forces, the Indonesian army was shocked with the experiences and abilities of the enemy soldiers. Later it led to creation of the forces which could do similar feat, but it at the time they had no commanders, which could guide the process of the trainings. On 15th of April 1952 Colonel Alexander Evert Kawilarang laid the creation of the group.

Trainees are recruited from the Indonesian Army, which later they also recruit from Indonesian Special Forces Training Center. To receive their red beret, the soldiers endure harsh and brutal training for prolonged period of time. They also learn to survive in jungle and military interrogation techniques. The Kopassus engage in training exercises with other notable international forces. The Special Air Regiment Services of Australia’s special forces annually conduct military training with the Kopassus. During the recent years the Indonesian special forces have also held joint training counter-terrorism exercises with the Chinese Special Forces.

Motto: “Brave, Rightful and Successful”