Serbian armed police force “Gendarmery”

Serbian Gendarmery is an armed police force under the direct control of the Serbia’s Ministry of Internal affairs and was re-established in 2001. Later additional units were attached to the Gendarmery, such as Special Police Units and Special Operations Units. The unit is tasked with both civilian and military duties, such as securing Ground Safety Zones and providing disaster rescue missions. Currently it has more than 3800 workers specialized in counter-terrorism, special weapons and tactics, as well as protection of VIPs.

The first and original Gendarmery dates back to the Principality of Serbia and was created in 1860, which had over 120 officers. After the World War 2 it was disbanded, but in 2001 it was re-created and re-named ‘’Special Police Unit’’ by the act issued by the Minister of Interior Dusan Mihajlovic. One of its most notable missions was capturing the suspects in the assassination of the Prime Minister Zoran Dindic.

The headquarters are located in Belgrade, Nis, Novi Sad and Kraljevo. The civil duties of the police force include: provide peace and security to the public, investigate and prevent organized crimes, terrorism, guard state and private properties, in case of natural disaster, civil unrest and in other emergencies to help and save civilians. The military duties include: protect and preserve public security and peace, assist other security forces in case of emergencies, repress riots, engage and apprehend suspected criminals and terrorists, as well as violent groups, reinforce martial law.