Turkish Special Forces Command | “Maroon Berets”

The Turkish Special forces, also known as the Maroon Berets, are the Turkish armed force’s special operations unit. They are mostly made up from volunteers of Turkish army officers. Garrisoned in Ankara, the Turkish Special Forces have over 5000 men and under direct control of General Staff of the Republic of Turkey, previously under control of Special Warfare Department. They have both soldiers and non-combatant units and administrative duty members. They have been conducting operations since 1952.

Following after 2nd World War, the Soviet Union posed a great threat to the Turkey, which led the creation of Turkish Special Forces that can conduct operation behind enemy lines. To keep up with modern age’s developments, the special forces of Turkey were reorganized in 1992, within the schools and support troops. Turkish special forces carried missions in Northern Iraq since 1990, with primary goal to search and destroy PKK camps, which was threat during the Kurdish-Turkish conflict and succeeded.

The Special Aviation Group provides air support for missions. The helicopters of the group had some improvements, which can fly any time of the day. Some information consists of the group having planes.

The Combat Search and Rescue special unit aka Muharebe Arama Kurtama has duties to rescue TSK operatives infiltrating enemy lines and clear engage on enemy units.

Selection process includes written and psychological and as well as physical exams and those who pass they become candidates.  Then the candidates have to endure 120-260 weeks of training, which includes obstacle courses, martial arts, close quarter combat, parachuting, diving, sniping, demolition, counter-terrorism, search and rescue, stealth techniques, reconnaissance and survival. The training also includes foreign language.  The Trust Shot training program is carried on the last month of the training, with the goal to ensure the trust between soldiers.  In Trust shot training, two soldiers without body armor stand still next to a paper target boards, while other soldiers fire on the targets while walking towards them.

Motto: “One Dies, Thousand Rises